Club Team FAQ

What is the total cost to play on a club team?

There is a non-refundable $10 tryout fee ($5 for returning members). If selected for a team, there is a recurring monthly fee of $155 for 9U-15U ($135 for 8U and younger). There is also an annual season fee ranging from $600 to $750 depending upon how many tournaments and/or leagues a team is entered. Travel costs are additional and dependent on where the team travels to. More details on fees can be found here.

How long is a season?

We are a year round club organization. Our season runs from August thru May for our non travel teams and from August thru July for our highly competitive traveling teams. 15U and older teams compete from August - October and March - July (excluding June due to the summer viewing period).

Will local teams ever travel?

Given the competitive level of a local team we may choose to travel out of state once in the Fall and once at the end of the season. This is determined once teams are formed.

How are teams selected?

Players are put through a series of drills and scrimmages designed to demonstrate their skill level. A group of evaluators rank the players based on their performance in the tryouts. Teams are then formed based on the skill level of the players with consideration given to the numbers of participants at a given age level. Our organization is still growing in numbers and every effort is made to provide an opportunity for all players interested in participating in club basketball.

Can parents stay in the gym during tryouts?

Parents are not allowed in the gym during tryouts.

How many players are typically selected for a team?

Every effort is made so that all teams have no fewer than 8 players and no more than 10 players, unless otherwise determined by the organization. In no event will a traveling "A" team have more than 10 players.

What is the the program's stance on conflicts with other sports, religion, etc?

Parents set the priorities for their families. The organization is sensitive to these issues; however, when deciding whether or not to participate in club basketball, parents and players should take into consideration their ability to commit to attending practices and games. Sunday games are an unfortunate necessity given the demands on facilities. If your child will be unable to participate in the majority of practices and / or games then club may not be right for him or her. We recognize and support students participating in multiple sports / activities. We ask that during the basketball season that players commit to basketball in fairness to their teammates, i.e. do not skip basketball practice to attend practice for a out of season sports.

How often do teams practice?

Teams normally practice two to three times per week (1 hour to 1 1/2 hours per practice). One team practice occurs during training academy and the other occurs with only the team at a dedicated team practice time. Occasionally, teams will practice more or less depending upon the tournament schedule and gym availability.

How much travel is involved?

Local teams may travel out of state once in the Fall and once in the Spring or early Summer. Travel teams will travel more frequently, potentially 3-8 times per season.

How many tournaments/leagues does a team play in a season?

Typically 7 - 12 tournaments/leagues per season for 9U and older. 8U and under 2 - 5 tournaments/leagues.



NOTE: All players must tryout prior to registering for a club team. REGISTER for tryouts today!