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Did you say Volleyball?

Yes we did!


In 2015, we introduced Volleyball to our athletic program portfolio.  With an experienced and highly accomplished staff of former collegiate and professional volleyball athletes we began with an all district league in the Fall of 2015.  Following the same basic principles and foundation of our basketball programs, the volleyball league  was held in the Kyrene district and was a success!

In preparation for the next league coming in the Fall of 2016, we have partnered up with the Kyrene Athletic Program to offer you the Reach Volleyball Clinic.

Clinics are designed to deliver the largest amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Our clinics teach players how to improve their fundamentals, how to execute a skill and why and when to do it.


Clinics are customized to the group of athletes in attendance and focus on specific skill development. 

Volleyball Clinic Schedule


Location: Kyrene del Pueblo, 

Grades:  6th - 8th, Boys & Girls

Date:  Saturday, August 6, 2016

Time: 10AM - 12PM

Cost:  $25

Registration for the Volleyball Clinic is handled through the district website.  Click on the registration link and you wil be redirected to their site to complete online registration.

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