3-on-3 Basketball League


  • 5 Weeks

  • Plus 1 Day of Training Academy

  • Boy & girls

  • Starts Saturday, September 26


October 24th


Anderson Junior High

1255 N. Dobson Road

Chandler AZ


  • 3 on 3 leagues plus league jersey
    $75 for 5 weeks

  • 3 on 3 leagues plus 1 day of Reach Training  Academy and league jersey
    $135 for 5 weeks



1. Increased Number of Touches & Opportunities You don’t need case studies to convince anyone that a player sharing the ball with only 2 teammates is getting significantly more on-ball (and off-ball) opportunities than when he/she is sharing the court with 9 other players. 

2. Develops More Versatile Players In a 3 on 3 settings, all players will handle the ball (as well as defend) on the perimeter and under the basket and thus become a more well-rounded basketball player. How many times have you seen the tallest player on a team pegged for the post position? Likewise, a smaller player is likely to be a guard. Pigeon-holing a player into a role at a young age can result in a player possessing an underdeveloped skill set.


3. Fun & Friends With highly competitive basketball programming requiring try-outs, oftentimes kids do not get to play on the same basketball team with their friends who possess different skill levels. 3 on 3 basketball leagues allow kids to form teams with their friends whom they may never otherwise get to play with. Removing the ‘win-at-all-costs’ mentality offers players an uncommon, but much needed, non-stressful basketball experience. 


4. Naturally Develop Leadership, Cooperation & Basketball IQ By removing coaches from the equation, players have to work together to make decisions about subbing and plays. Instead of a coach orchestrating their every move like basketball-playing robots, players will discover what works and what doesn’t. Through discovery, they will increase their basketball IQ. 


5. Accommodate Families’ Increasingly Busy & Hectic Schedules Families with multiple children in multiple sports are being pulled every-which-way and are, quite frankly, overwhelmed by it. When they can find a sports opportunity for their children that doesn’t require hours of driving and weekends out of town, they are all over it. Just think… how much will they love it when all of their children can play in one location at the same time? 


6. Easily Fit into a Family’s Stretched Budget Sports families are spending thousands of dollars for their children to be on various sports teams. Not only do they incur the cost to be on the team, but they have the expenses of traveling out of town too! They can’t even go watch a weekend tournament without dropping $30 at the admissions table. For about $13/week (and not a dollar more for family members to get in the door), 3 on 3 leagues are an incredibly affordable athletic experience for kids that fit within any family’s budget. 


7. Parents Love Watching It’s tough to be the parent waiting for your kid to get on stage for their 3-minute dance performance of a 3-hour recital. Or, waiting for your kid to get off the bench and barely touch the ball in a basketball game. Parents love to see their children smile and be part of the action. With 3-on-3 basketball, parents enthusiastically watch their child involved in every play.


8. The Largest Youth Sports Market By age 9, basketball for boys and girls surpasses baseball & soccer as the most popular competitive sport for kids, according to https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/9469252/hidden-demographicsyouth-sports-espn-magazine. Ummmm, running a business geared towards the largest youth sports market? Sounds like a pretty good idea. 


9. 3 on 3 Basketball is Growing in Popularity Do a quick google search and you’ll find that 3 on 3 basketball is in its infancy and gaining incredible momentum. Five years ago, we didn’t have a professional 3-on-3 basketball league (the Big3 professional 3-on-3 basketball league was launched in 2017). The 2016 summer Olympics did not feature 3-on-3 basketball but will in 2020! The NCAA 3x3u had 128 players in 2019 and will surely grow in the future. What will the landscape of 3-on-3 basketball look like 10 years from now? 


10. 3 on 3 is an Un-tapped Opportunity (right now) Basketball junkies have been making a living as coaches and trainers forever. It’s a saturated business and you have to be pretty special to do well. Those that love basketball and are looking for ways to differentiate themselves in the basketball market would serve themselves well to consider the 3-on-3 basketball models.


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