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Founded in 2009 by Bahamian national and former professional basketball player, Rodger Farrington. Coach Rodger played professional basketball for over 11 years, has over 27 years of competitive experience, and over 10 years of certified professional private training, coaching, organizing and executing basketball camps and clinics. He is a graduate of Arizona State University and is an ASU Men's Basketball Alum (1995-1997).  He played professional basketball internationally in countries such as Japan, Belgium, Italy and Israel and held a starting position throughout his career.

His philosophy is to focus on sharing his experiences and the knowledge he has gained all over the world. His goal is to not only teach young athletes how to be better players but to also teach them the importance of life skills that are used both on and off the court, such as leadership, communication, mentorship, responsibility, teamwork and work ethic. Coach Rodger is committed to the success of every individual who becomes a part of the Reach Basketball program.


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